Hello! My name is Kathleen screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-3-51-53-pmEbbs.. but you can call me Kath ūüôā I am a Sydney based model, actress and personal trainer.

First and foremost thanks for visiting my site and getting to know me a little more. I was born and raised in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. My dad, Derek is from Dublin, Ireland and my mother Leoni is from a small town in NSW called Grafton. I have one older brother Liam (19) and two younger sisters Emily (17), Ellen (14).  Growing up was for the most part, heaps of fun! My parents are both very creative and this sure influenced us as kids. We would constantly put on plays and concerts to entertain whoever was around! I enjoyed dancing as my after-school sport and still practice it today.

When I was younger I suffered terrible anxiety. There would be periods were I would not leave the house for weeks on end and missed out on big chunks of my schooling years. It controlled my life and is still something I manage today.

When I got into high school I became a lot more¬†independent. My parents splitting definitely had a big impact on this. I lost all interest in dancing and school work, it was all about partying and chasing boys. This lifestyle went on until about Year 11 when I came to the realisation I didn’t actually enjoy what I was doing – I just thought it was “cool” or “the thing to do”.

I still kept up with it all but at the back of my mind I was not having fun and knew I needed to change. The beginning of Year 12 was the start of withdrawing myself¬†from drinking and going out to instead focus on me. I picked up an interest in nutrition and exercise, and this was also the year that I¬†signed with “Culture Machine” and started¬†my modelling/acting career. Ever since then, I have stopped drinking and kept up my healthy ways. I am now a qualified personal trainer and run my own health food stall at, The Smoothie Bowl Shack, at Glebe Markets.¬†This website aims to educate and inspire. Be who YOU truly want to be! The best version of yourself is achievable,¬†it’s having the courage to begin the journey!