My Op Shop Hacks

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Incase you haven’t notice I LOVE a good-old second hand bargain. I’m also quite passionate about my op shopping habits.

Now please don’t stop me in my tracks with something along the lines of “but I see you wear fast fashion brands sometimes on instagram” or “haven’t you worked for some of these brands” . Listen your not wrong, we all love fast fashion!

When they come out with a new ‘collection’ you love or that signature item you cannot wait to get your hands on.. I get it BUT the point is to not make that the foundation of your wardrobe.

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Some benefits of op shopping?
  • Helping the environment
  • Contributing to charity run organisations

Not all, but A LOT of op shops are charity run. Therefore purchasing from these stores is contributing to a good cause. Some of this money will go towards the homeless, refugees, broken families.. the list goes on! So go seek your local charity run store and get shopping.

Side note: This should not be your ONLY contribution to helping those who cannot help themselves. I urge you to volunteer at your local charity and get involved in all programs they have to offer.

  • Teaches creativity

Op shopping can actually help stimulate the brain by getting creative. Thinking outside the box and absorbing lots of colours/patterns helps our brains become more creatively alert.. weird hey! Its like an art class and a shopping experience all at once.

  • Best for the budget

Its no secret fast fashion can really hit the pocket at the best of times.. even more incentive to get to your nearest charity store and get shopping. This is actually one of the main reasons I started second hand buying back when I was in high school.


This is something I learnt very quickly in my early days of op shopping. You will soon realise that it is very different from shopping at your usual department store.

Everything isn’t coordinate into styles and colours, there isn’t 50 sizes of the same style nor one theme/genre of the whole store.

Because of this you must leave a side a little extra time to get it done, but don’t be turned off.. this is the whole fun of it!!

Besides the digging its great because when you do find something you’ll know that its’ unique and different. It has its own story and very little people around would have it too.

Tips on how to achieve this:

  • Buddy with a friend and make a day of it!
  • Set aside that one day every so often where you leave time to get creative in your favourite second hand shops
  • Try online second hand (ebay, etsy, depop)- if you don’t have the time to get into a store.

My good friend Ruskin taught me this important trick! Making sure you always look one way, then the other when scheming the rack of clothes.

It’s very easy to miss a sick item when in an op shop. Theres a lot happening on one rack, therefore your eyes may miss a few precious gems.

Be organised and don’t be lazy, Double check and go back before giving up the search!


If you wanna get your second hand shopping up to scratch this is a big tip!

If you go in fixated on exactly what your looking for you will go crazy! Its okay to understand your personal style but you need to be able to get creative in the head and try things you haven’t before or be open to chopping, changing and styling a piece.

Big example of this for me personally is loving a good old stalk in the boys section. Belting a pair of big pants, tucking in a baggy tee, sleeve roll, button ups as dresses or chucking on a cap .. these are all things I do in order to compliment my personal style whist still working with what I got!

Don’t be scared to stretch yourself outside of the norm, don't be one of those people who's like”nah that stuff just doesn't suit someone like me”.. well find something that does suit you, that YOU generally like! Theres always something for everyone its just wether your willing to go there 🙂 

There you have it, my three op shop hacks! Happy op shopping guys!! 
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