Making your Mornings more Motivating

I get questions all the time such as “what’s your morning routine?, “How do I become healthier?”, “what motivates you?”.. you get the idea.

So I thought I would try give you some helpful tools in order to start your HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE DAY on the right foot!!

These 5 tips are things I try to implement into my day in order to stay on the right track.

Now when I say try I really mean TRY because no one is perfect! Even the “health freaks” you see online. We can’t all be smiles and rainbows 24/7 and we can all fall off the bandwagon sometimes. BUT the more you practice, the more you will start to love the feeling of wellness and it will become more apart of your everyday routine.

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Rise and shine hunnies!! Okay yes I understand some of us set this intention with the best of heart, then next thing you know the snooze option comes around and BOOM 9 minute sleep intervals come at me!

At first fighting that urge to stay in slumber is difficult (almost impossible) BUT if you break the habit you will then form a new, more healthy one instead. Getting up earlier creates more room within the day therefore greater productivity. Theres also something so satisfying about being up before most people, you feel a sense of clarity and control. Studies have shown many successful business leaders rise early!


ahhh we are all guilty of this one. We go to bed looking at our device, waking up to the alarm from that same device to then mindless scroll the internet once were awake on that device again!!

Being phone free during your night routine as well as the most part of your morning routine is a key aspect to a clearer mind. Not all but most of our internet apps are filled with negativity and mindless activity. It can sub consciously shift your mentality in a moment, I mean most of us wake up in the morning to a picture scroll list of all the “cool” things we have missed since yesterday. 

besides social media other research suggests that getting constant notifications can trigger stress. Things such as emails, calendar notifications ect are linked to higher feelings of anxiety… not a place we want to start our day.

I recommend leaving your phone charging outside of your bedroom or at least away from your bed side table. Have at least an hour phone break before you go to bed and an hour (try aim for two if you can) without the phone in the morning. If you are someone who needs an alarm clock, either buy one ($15 from target) or set an alarm on the phone but away from bed. This way you are not only away from it but forced to get straight up in the morning instead of hitting the snooze button a million time- (leave it on aeroplane mood too so you are not tempted to check notifications lol).


This is a big one.. but not as big as people may think. If you are someone who generally likes to get a proper “workout” done in the morning be my guest BUT if you do not that doesn’t not mean you get to become a sloth in the morning- I don’t want to hear the excuse “i’m just not a morning person”.

Before you start your day I want a minim 15 minutes of movement to come into play. Wether it be stretching, a walk outside or dancing in your room!

Movement in the AM sets the right intention for the day, gets blood flowing and creates clarity. We are made to move especially after being asleep for so long. Get that blood pumping to the brain and watch the rest of your days energy shift.


Listen I am all about “winging it” but in some cases.. don’t haha. Just give yourself a few minutes to work out what your goals and intentions are for the day. They can be anything from small to big tasks. A goal is a physical job/task that needs to get done, an intention is almost like the way in which you want to go about something and the mindset behind that.

Ticking through a list also gives us a great sense of satisfaction which makes us want to do it more.

Its important to understand where we are going and want we want to change. Whilst staying kind and compassionate towards yourself in the process of moving forward in a positive way.


Of course Kath had to bring in food somewhere along the way :). But seriously breakfast isn’t called  b r e a k i n g   f a s t  for no reason… thats exactly what your doing!

Because of this you want to make sure that first meal is full of amazing nutrients and good energy in order to set yourself up for the most productive day possible. It also makes you feel good hopefully spilling onto the rest of the day! Want some ideas? check the link:


I am the biggest culprit of not doing this haha. Its one of the worst habits and gets us no where!!

When we start our day with a negative connotation we subconsciously connect the rest of the day to that thought. Also when you think about it being a pessimist actually gets you and the people around you no where… it’s not going to make the situation better and will instead leave you feeling worst and the people around you annoyed at your energy.

So do away with the negativity and get positive… even if you don’t feel it, fake it till ya make it baby!

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