5 Tips to a Healthier you.. Without “Diet” & “Exercise”

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We are constantly looking at the next health tread, new diet, some exercise craze and going "wow tomorrow's the day i'm going to start *insert some crazy fad here that isn't going to last a lifetime* . We all SO confused on what we should or can be doing to insure we are the "healthiest" version of ourselves. 

Diet and exercise as we know are key factors looked at when wanting to become a better versions of ourselves BUT to the average human they can be deemed too hard, too scary and overwhelming. 

I am here to give you some SIMPLY yet EFFECTIVE things you can implement into your lifestyle that are not to do with what your eating and how your working out. 


Ah I cannot stress this enough! “Working out” can feel like an enormous task and one that isn’t always the most exhilarating thing to do. So whats my advice… DON’T. Well not quite but yes there is no need to “workout” per-say.

Some of us (like myself) love getting all worked up and sweaty in an gym environment but some of us simply don’t and seem to feel guilty about it. Get rid of the guilt and instead get MOVEMENT into your day. Whats the difference between running for an hour and moving for an hour… not much!

There are SO many activities you can do that aren’t viewed as “exercise” but actually work the body and get a sufficient amount of activity into your day. Here are my top 3:

  • DANCING. Okay so pick a playlist of your favourite songs, set a timer for 20 minutes and don’t stop moving in till the time is up. Just freestyle your way around like your at a dance party. This can even be done in your room jumping on your bed – I’m not kidding haha. When I travel for work I seriously do this and I love it so much.
  • WALK AND TALK BABY. Team up with a gal pal (or boy pal), find a decent walking path ( or set a timer for 20 minutes one way and 20 minutes back) and get your steps in while getting your gossip time in – Kidding no gossiping people just kindness lol! Its that simply and can be done anywhere. I love doing this one on holidays as well, or even finding a sick hiking spot.
  • CLEAN YOUR HOUSE OR ROOM. Okay not much fun I know buuutt it doesn’t mentally seem like exercise AND you can kill two birds with one stone. Leaving you feeling super organised and productive. Cleaning honestly burns so much energy. Blast some music and get scrubbing people!


Seems really irrelevant to the whole “healthy” situation but honestly organising your time well can lead to a clearer head. It also creates us to get a lot more done. Being more productive with our time creates higher achievers and success can lead to a better self esteem. It also breeds a “go get” mind set which will unintentionally trickle onto other things. When you feel like your moving forward you won’t want to sabotage that by doing things that counteract it. Who knew one simple task could manifest a whole new life style hah!


Doing nice things for others gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Have you ever done something nice for someone and felt crap afterwards… “oh I really regret giving that person the time of day”, I bloody doubt it!

Not only can it lead to smiles all round it can also help us reflect on our own life and the blessings in which we have. When we stop and step outside of ourselves for a moment it gives us an opportunity to be grateful. These days we get so caught up in our heads, our own struggles and responsibilities that its easy to forget about the other people doing it tough in the world.

For this reason I urge you to help someone you wouldn’t usually. Wether that be to baby sit your neighbours kids free of charge so the parents can have a night off, to stop and have a conversation with the homeless man you walk pass everyday or get involved in some charity work. These acts of kindness not only help make the world a better place it can also make YOU a better person. So for this reason I encourage you, FOR YOUR HEALTH to get kind!


We all know that getting outside is always going to be a positive and stimulating experience but did you know it can stimulate the same amazing emotions that come with exercise.

Now we don’t need to plant our desk outside all day long – But hey if that floats your boat, go for it! We just need to make a conscious effort to wriggle our little bodies outdoors for at least half an hour to an hour a day! Some simple ways in which we can make this happen is by

  • Taking a walk before the day begin or in between work breaks
  • Chill in the local park with our favourite music
  • Eat some of your meals in the garden

   These small and SIMPLY changes can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and mood. Helping us be happier more positive and productive human beings.


How many of us rush through our meals, or skip them all together? Maybe your one of those people who is always consumed by something else whilst eating, weather that be being engrossed by a conversation, replying to emails, watching tv, scrolling through Instagram, READING THIS BLOG POST haha we all do it! When was the last time you just sat and ate your food with NO distractions.  I will be the first to put my hand up and say very rarely.

The truth  is many of us have a disordered or unhealthy relationship with food. Society has shaped many of us to view it as the “devil”. Food is NOT the problem but too much of the WRONG kind can be. When we stop and take consciousness during meal times we are bringing awareness to our actions. This can help heal societies perception of food as well as increase the chances of better digestion.. crazy!

Food is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated not avoided. Feeding our bodies gives us the energy to thrive in society and be the BEST people we can. It helps us to move, create, be happy and strive for more. Not only will awareness help you be a mindful eater it will also let you assess and enjoy the food thats on your plate creating more satisfaction.

So next time you are sitting down to a meal, do just that! Sit down without ANY distractions, no phones, no laptop, no tv ect and look at all the nourishing food you are about to consume. Think about all the amazing things it is going to do for your body and be grateful for that. Now I’m not saying you have to do this every time you eat- ain’t no body got time for that. Plus I myself enjoy a good old tv dinner or movie and popcorn every once in a while but you CAN build this into your routine a few times a week to help brig awareness to your relationship with food and work on making the best it can be.

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