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Ive been hesitant to answer such a broad question all on my own as I have never experience major skin irritation and/or acne. SO I have brought in my beautiful sister Emily who has "done it all". Together we share our personal tips, tricks and words for thought. 
S U M M A R Y 

My sister and I have had very different experiences when it comes to skin. I think it’s important to hear this topic from different opinions as e v e r y body is so different!

I didn’t want to answer this question on my own as i’ve personally never had acne or major blenises on my face but I have defiantly had a skin transformation throughout the years by changing my diet and keeping my routine as holistic as possible.

My sister on the other hand suffered terrible acne throughout all of puberty, leaving her feeling upset, isolated and frustrated.

We have joined forces and used our experiences to let you know you are not alone in this and to hopefully help you out with some of our tips!

Our 5 Top tips:
1. Stop over complicating things! 

Forget the gimmicks, the fads, the strange things you read all over google.. STOP! We know it can be hard as we want a soluation to the issue NOW but we promise this will only make it worse. Through adding loads of chemicals onto your face- and lots of different ones too, it can just create the area to become even more irritated and quite possible react to the different products.

Our soluation is too use moisturising wipes or/and coconut oil (don’t freak out about oil on your skin). Then just plain water and a clean towel.

Look carefully what is in things and stick to whole, natural products.

Brands we use and trust:

  • Baby Johnson- Moisturising remover wipes, baby oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp oil (we love ‘Toby & Rosie’)
2. Clean the diet

I know lots of people don’t want to hear this one, it can be especially hard when your a teenager- lots of late night ice-cream runs and pizza lunches.

Your skin is the biggest organ on your body so it must be looked after like one! Through proper nutrition you can really get a lot of the work done. We are made up of what we eat so it only makes sense this would radiate through our skin. 

If any of you are suffering from acne there is also a chance you may be intolerant to certain foods you are unaware of. Skin conditions such as acne seem external but are actually cause from your bodies reaction to something internally and a big one of these can be food allergies! Try cutting out certain common intolerance foods and record how your body responds to it- I know it isn’t the quickest soluation but it will help you a lot in the long run.

The foods that tend to cause intolerance reactions in sensitive people include:
  • dairy products, including milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • chocolate (dammit)
  • eggs, particularly egg white.
  • flavour enhancers such as MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  • food additives.
  • wine, particularly red wine.

Right! Lets get into the general foods to avoid when wanting to clear your skin and achieve a healthy glow.

Things to try and avoid:

Refined sugar and artificial flavours: 

This is hard guy to crack, found in all of your cakes and sweets!  It can cause inflammation and imbalances in the body, which is defiantly what we are trying to avoid when it comes to the skin! So if your looking to reduce that redness, try your best to cut the sugar out! Some examples of foods with lots of refined sugar in them are things such as white bread, pasta, candy, soda, juice concentrate ect.

Greasy/oily food: 

This is another food that creates inflammation in the body – which we do not want! Foods that are cooked in heavy oils such as chips, fast food pizzas ect have a large ratio of omega-6 fatty acids which can cause major problems when it comes to clearing up that skin of yours!


Not always but a lot of us consume way too much dairy than is needed. Dairy products contain high levels of hormones that clog pores and may lead to a breakouts. Many females are also intolerant to diary without knowing it, insolents lead to inflammation which once again.. we do not want at a time like this! I suggest trying to turn to alternative products like almond/coconut milk for a bit and see how you go. – There are soo many dairy-free recipes up on my blog. Anything in particular you love that typically has dairy in it? Let me know!

3. Do NOT pop them!! 

We all know when we see them suckers on our face the only erg we have is too pop the cr@% out of them! …. DON’T. This will only irritate the skin and can lead to unfortunate scaring later on.

As Emily says “If you can’t help yourself find a friend with back pimples and go for your life on them”

Let the pimples come to the surface naturally. An inflamed acne pimple happens when the pore becomes engorged with excess sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and, often puss. Squeezing can push this bacteria deeper into the skin, which might cause more swelling, redness and leave you with permanent scars.

So before you start squeezing consider what is happening under the skin!

4. STOP the stressing

This is one of our biggest conclusions, calm the nerves!! I know you cannot help this feeling when your in the mist of it but believe us when we say it is a killer.

Not only does stress do terrible things for the body it also doesn’t solve the problem and will most likely lead you to doing some silly things (such as the yoyo google soluation that only make the issue worse).

Also you must remind yourself this is just a stage!! Although you think it’s never ending, it WILL pass and as Emily says

“you would of wasted all your time stressing, not socialising properly instead of just focusing on more productive things!”

5.  Don’t Look at things that make you feel worse about it

I think this one goes way beyond skin! Most of us experience feelings of being self conscious growing up, especially as females. Unfortunately there seems to be this pressure brewing through the anks of social media that we MUST have flawless skin to be “cool”.

If you are already feeling helpless and sad about your skin- or any part of your body for that matter it’s not nice to be constantly reminded of it everyday. If the pages your following are making you feel down and poor about your self worth.. Get that s*%$ out of your life!

We can all be culprits of knowing this but still falling into the trap (hands up right here). I think surrounding yourself with the people you love and love you is much more fulfilling than the faces we see online- unless they are educating and inspiring you to live a fuller life.

I know this may sound rich coming from “an influencer” but it is something I feel very passionate about and would like to speak out about more.I feel as though ive been given this position by the universe in order to educate and develop young strong woman that love themselves no matter what skin there in.

I hope Emily and myself some-what help you guys out! I know we can ramble a little but hey thats just us “keeping it real” haha.
If you have ANY other question in regards to this topic feel free to shoot me a message and we will both get back to you asap. 
Much love from Em and I x x 
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