My Style and Op Shop Hacks- QnA

I get so many questions on my style, where it came from and how to get the best from your op shopping. So Ive ghotted down some of my thoughts for you to all have a read of and hopefully get your question’s answered.

My number one rule though is to always have fun, be you and get creative!

Who cares what other people think, live your life instead of the one you “think” people want from you.

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Depop: @kathebbss

My personal style?

My personal style is well, just that!.. my personal style! I honestly wear whatever I’m into at that moment. Sometimes I find things completely different to what I “usually wear” that inspire me. Most of the time I’m a casualwear sort of girl. Always in jeans, jumpers and sneakers. One thing that stays the same for the most part is 99% of my wardrobe consisting of second hand finds.

Mix and match? or Just vintage?

To be honest most of the time its all vintage. I collect from markets, charity stores, online seller apps and given hammy downs. Sometimes yes, I will mix branded clothes I love with my vintage but I like to stick to recycled fashion when I can as thats what I believe in.

Tips for buying cheaper clothes and making them look dressy?

Get creative! Find inspiration from looks you love so you can go into it with a vision in mind, or do the opposite and let your mind take you wherever it wants too!

As I was saying before sometimes a new piece of clothing I see gets me going into a different head space from my usual “go to”, which can be really cool. The best thing about second hand shopping is it ‘s all different! There isn’t racks full of the same top, I find this so fun to play with especially when you are dressing for an occasion.

If your going somewhere real dressy the whole “mix and match” concept really comes into play. Dressing your charity bought clothes with nice pair of new shoes or pants can really help bring it up a notch!

Also accessorise!! Vintage stores always carry sick purses and crazy jewellery. Use this to really make a statement.

Favourite op shops?

I hate giving away my secrets ahahaha but I looove visiting markets as they are different each time you go. I run my smoothie shack (@thesmoothiebowlshack) at Glebe markets which means I am around there every weekend. Before our lunch time rush I always duck out to steel all the second hand bargains lol. Kirribilli markets is also another good one, they happen second Sunday of each month.

Red cross stores are pretty reliable most times and there are so many of them around (I usually go to the one in Newtown). Red shield appeal in Surry Hills is also one my go to’s. Honestly just google charity stores in your local area and see whats around. BUT might I warn you must have the patients to sort through racks of clothes, so make sure you’re fed and coffee’d up before you walk into a charity store!

Using apps and websites are also great tools! I use an app called depop which is so good as you can search what you want. I also use my account to sell my own stuff, its amazing as I get to share my hidden treasures with others once I’m done wearing them. Esty is also a good website to shop second hand, its similar to E-bay. I do recommend knowing what you are looking for before you shop on there though as it is so big!

Best op shop find you’ve ever had?

Oooo so hard to pin point! Not to long ago I stumbled across the sickest pair of patterned pants at Glebe for $5, they looked so designer haha. Also this San Fransisco bomber jacket I got from a You-Turn store has been up there with one of my favourite finds- Im obsessed with it and still haven’t gotten sick of wearing it.

Best style advice you’ve received?

I can’t think of specific advice I’ve received but honestly from observing others I have notice I love people who are completely themselves!! Not trying to follow a tread or wear what “ they think they should”, I think you can tell the difference between someone who knows there OWN style and isn’t looking for validation in that.

The way in which you carry yourself as a person has a lot to do with style as well. Being confident and bold really stands out in a positive way. I want people to know that finding out what is you (not only in fashion) is key to living a full life. If you can grasp your own individuality you’ll be less likely to compare yourself to others and we all know comparison is the major death of joy!

My Thoughts on ‘fast fashion’ brands and the state of social media style?

I think social media has been a great way to get smaller brands out there and in a short amount of time too. It has also inspire new trends and got people thinking in different ways as there is so many different “styles” being represented online.

In saying that I can also see how it has stopped a little personal choice. Lots of us look up to these “influences” and are likely to just follow whatever there doing. Its crazy to see the rise of certain trends happening after a couple of “big names” are seen in them.

I don’t think its good nor bad. It sucks that a lot of it has to do with marketing and tapping into peoples insecurities in order to sell something but my rule is along as your comfortable and confident in what you are wearing you can’t go wrong. Don’t be scared to step outside the box if you want to. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it! 


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