PERFECTION= “The action or process of improving something until it is faultless.”

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This is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. I think we are all in some way shape or form trying to be perfect, even if we don’t think we are. Yes there are some more incline to cling onto this notion than others but I feel as though the society in which we live in now has really instilled this idea that being at most desirable is key and also making us believe this is some what achievable as well.

Its actually a marketing tool in order to sell us things, in order to do that we must be chasing the “next best thing” – Big lips, big bank accounts, big butts, the greatest and most steady relationship, perfect hair.. you get the idea.

As human beings we have the need to feel as though we belong. When the world in which we live in is shaking this need by conning us into thinking that if we are not “perfect” we will never belong then it is no wonder we have so many fears and insecurities. I think this reality has become so normal that we don’t even stop to think about it and what it is doing to us.

I think about all the worrying I do (and I’m sure a lot of others do as well) and how it is benefiting my life. As a young person I worry about a lot of things like who/what will I become, am I achieving enough, do I look okay, am I doing everything I can.. am I enough?

We are reminded almost everyday that being perfect is at most importance creating these thoughts nearly impossible to switch off. I don’t wanna be that chick that mentions it time again but advertising and social media is playing a big role in this. I mean how many times do we mindlessly scroll and scroll and scroll through pages of filtered images/lives. I mean what are we looking for? Validation that our own lives suck and we must be doing something wrong because we don’t wake up motivated, positive and absolutely stunning! Then to cut in on these insecurities we now have ads everywhere (even some being endorsed by the people we “look up too”) telling us that we need teeth whitening, Lip injections and the next fat burning tea in order to fix the problem, right? nope!

Now don’t take this the wrong way and think I am bagging people that do these things because like I said before the world in which we live in now has accepted this as normal. My sister said something to me yesterday when I opened up the discussion – “well if that makes someone feel good then who cares”. But thats my point exactly!! Why do we need to do such extreme things in order to feel ‘good’. Its different If you are doing something extreme purely because you want it and even without it you would feel great but I assure you many of us would be involving ourselves in such behaviour as we sub consciously feel as though society will accept us more if we change. We need to start making the correlation between our heads and our physical. In order to change the way we view ourselves we need to do just that! Change it from the inside! The reason many of us shy away from this is because to work on yourself is hard and takes a lot of time/effort. We live in a world were everything comes so instantaneously so it only makes sense we turn to the “quick fixes” instead of the one that going to last a lifetime (and is free also hah). 

Life is short, and will come to an end at some point, not in a pessimistic way but in a freeing way!

We have the power to make every moment a good one, shift your thinking and live in the mind you really want to be in. I know this rant is way easier said than done just like all my rants but acknowledging this behaviour and way of being is the start of the journey. I myself seriously struggle everyday trying to fight my insecurities. I have a fear of being imperfect which actually creates major barriers in me succeeding. People may (or may not) look at my feed and think oh she has it all together.. anyone close in my life would beg to differ I promise you lol. This is the perfect example of how the things in which you see online are completely filtered, your not with these people when they feel terrible about themselves, when something awful happens in their lives, when they are lost, scared, sad… you get the idea haha. I think social media is a great and creative thing but only if you are looking at it on the surface without it ruling your life or dictation decisions about/for yourself. I am no way sitting here preaching, the reason for me raving on about this topic as it is something I have/ still struggle with everyday. It’s important to open the conversation in my opinion as we need to know we are not alone and that we have the power to change our way of thinking.

Lets fight against societies entrapment, stop settling for crappy relationships, careers and life just because we don’t think we are worthy or “perfect” enough for something better. The world has us around it’s little finger just to keep us consuming. Stop letting them win and in short lets stop giving a shit what everyone thinks and start living our own lives!!

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  • madie herden

    ahhh . i just love all your thoughts you are honestly such a gorgeous human being and i look up to you so much

    April 13, 2017
  • Janine

    So rad you speak about this! Very refreshing and real and straight to the point. I think everyone is so freaking perfect and I wish people would just focus on themselves and enjoy expanding their personality, like actually being curious about their path in life and just having fun figuring it all out, failure inclusive, but yeah society tells us what is accepted and what is good and bad, right and wrong, who is worth of something and who isn’t, but we are all so beautifully different that onset of rules can’t possibly apply to everyone. I hope more people start enjoying what they’re all about instead of chasing some outside perfection that doesn’t even make them feel anything good in their hearts. Real excitement and fun and love all come from you doing you, and doing more of what you love and then learning about what you hate and then failing and loving again etc. Just living and feeling your own life. That’s why you got it in the first place. How lame is it to go after anything outside of yourself to then miss out on all the fun that is just waiting for you? 🙂 Lots of love xo

    April 13, 2017
  • Mabel


    July 10, 2017

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