Ahhhh yes London Town you got me... you got me good! Ive been to London many times before in my life (I have a lot of family from here) but I had never experience the city as a young traveller (always with family). Seeing it through totally different eyes was an amazing experience and really showed me all the great, funky things London has to offer. Here is a short list of some places myself and my partner in crime Yasmin ventured too. Hopefully you too can check them out when your in town some day soon 😉 

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This was my first stop in London town! Yasmin and myself had just gotten off the plane and off we went to Portobello Markets . Our flight got in at 6am and we desperately wanted to bet the jet lag so we knew we had to do something! My cousins partner recommended we go here so thats exactly what we did!

It was honestly one of my favourite days in London! We were so wired but buzzing off the whole vibe of this sick spot. Lots of antiques, fun people, live music, food and cute nick nack stalls. It was very busy but I think thats what created such a sick atmosphere!

We scored some great records at this stall where the guy was such a legend, he knew so much about music we ended up chatting for ages! We dance to Elvis in the streets and found our favourite food spot “Farm Girl”.

All in all a perfect first day! Defiantly recommend checking out this market if you are in London, they are on every Saturday and very easy to navigate by the tube.

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SEE A SHOWScreen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.43.45 pm

Seeing a show and in particular a musical is one of my all time favourite things to do no matter what city i’m in! As you may or may not have known I grew up dancing and planned to do it for a career once I finished school (this was in till I came to the conclusion I was a terrible terrible singer). London is a sick spot for seeing a show as there is always so much on to see! For this reason it was 110% on my hit list!!

‘Wicked’ is one of my favourite shows (incase you couldn’t tell by my website intro video called “wicked” lol), Yasmin has heard me crap on about it and sing along to all the songs ever since we met, I have the cd in my car so you can imagine the times. Because of this I thought it was only fitting to see it with her and see if she thinks it is all I’ve talked it up to be.

Wicked is a spun backstory of the famous “Wizard of Oz”. The story is centered around the green skined and notorious Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. And Galinda, the beautiful, blonde, popular girl who grows up to become Glinda the Good Witch of the South as we know from Oz. If your a fan of the movie ‘The Wizzard of Oz’ like myself this musical will blow your mind with its plot twisting storyline as well as its fantastic sound track!

TIP FOR SEEING A SHOW IN LONDON:  ‘TKTS tickets in Leicester Square’! Go there on the day you plan to see a show and see the best priced tickets available. You can up too 70% off sometimes if your lucky! Best way to do it.

All in all we loved it! (I mean how could ya not haha). I push you to go see a show if in London, or in any city for that matter!! The theatre is one of my greatest escapes. 



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This is a well known spot to tourist in London town, its where the opera is held as well as the most popular shopping spots. Ive been there a few times when visiting London in the past but this time round we got told to check out the antique Markets (1 Tavistock Court, London WC2E 8BD, United Kingdom) and Neal’s Yard which was a game changer.

The market was huge, couldn’t get around it all! Really nice atmosphere and I scored some sick jewellery too- for really good prices as well.

Neal’s Yard was so pretty to look at!! Nice place to sit, chill, read a book and drink coffee haha It also had some amazing food hubs (Wild Food Cafe being one of them- written about in my London eats). 

This is on my favourites lists as I loved the architecture, food and atmosphere!

Brick Lane

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Loved this place!! Seriously if I was to live in London I could imagine it being around here. We went to the markets on a Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.58.33 amSunday, it was ausome!! Loads of people, lots of food and cool second hand vintage.. my heaven. We spend the day walking around, exploring, taking pictures, shopping and of course..eating a hell amount of food! I had been craving indian ever since I got to London and this day I finally scored it. 

I would 100% recommend checking this place out! Wether it be the markets or just for a walk around and some brunch! I really liked the vibe and relaxed atmosphere. 


Such a fun trip!! This city is so magical and has always been a second home to me and now that I have experience it on a different level I have fallen even more in love! If you are travelling here enjoy it and be sure to check out my recommended attractions :) 


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    That looks amazing omg and England does have the best Indian food ever (that isn’t in India lol)

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