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As you may or may not have realised I am a massive foodie and to be more specific health foodie! Almost every time I travel my itinerary is filled with health hubs and good cafes I must check out. So of course when I found out I was coming to London I knew I was in for a good time! Lucky enough for me Yasmin is a food lover too so everyday we together found so many new places that well satisfied our tummies.

Here are my top three spots!

FARM GIRL – Notting hill
Yasmin and myself stubbled across this rad little cafe on our first day. We had just gotten off the plane and were starvinggg! It was a really busy day as it was a Saturday and there was a street market on in Notting hill (which is why we ventured there).  We planned to go to another place we had heard about but when we got there the cue was out the door, we both looked at each other and knew our tummies couldn't wait any longer haha. As we walked down the street we stumbled across “Farm Girl Cafe”, it was so cute and the menu looked like our sort of thing. 

Yasmin and I shared three dished between us

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.53.00 pmWe ordered.. 

‘Açai Bowl’  (Organic frozen Amazonian Açai berries topped with coconut shavings, chia seeds & goji berries)

Wasn’t my favourite out of the three but defiantly was not bad! The flavour was there, just needed to be thicker in my opinion. (I think i’m just a harsh critic because of my smoothie bowl shack lol)

‘Avocado Toast’ (Lemon juice, fresh coriander & a sprinkle of pomegranate)

Can’t go wrong with a good old smashed avo on toast! They were generous with the avocado which was great and added pomegranate seeds which was the perfect touch. 

‘Pumpkin Porridge’  (Millet, pumpkin puree & chia seeds, sprinkled with bee pollen, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, omega mix* & amber maple syrup)

The flavour of the porridge was to die for, seriously one of the best tasting i’ve had at a cafe! They poured maple syrup at the bottom of the porridge which I was a massive fan of! The serving size was not very filling in my opinion though (I do have a big appetite though) but the dish itself was great!


Long black
‘Liquid Gold Latte’ (Turmeric, cinnamon, astralagus, honey + coconut milk)

Very good coffee! Could even say it was my favourite of London.

Overall it was delicious, the service was great and the cafe was gorgeous. The portion sizes were a little small for my likely and the price. Besides that I could not complain and would 100% go back!
THE MAE DELI- Seymour place 
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.59.13 pm
This was number one on my London health foodie hit list! Ella Woodward who is the founder of this health hub was one of the reasons I started eating/cooking plant based! I used her recipes for ages in till I started coming up with creations of my own. I always see pictures of the deli on her social media and knew that I would one day get myself there! Well I managed to pay a cheeky visit and boy it did not disappoint. 

The interior was so well done, really cute and very London! There was a nice selection of salads, strews and of course the best part.. cake! Everything was dairy and refine sugar free which is perfect for a gal like me! 

What I ordered..Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.59.24 pm

Mix plate salad with..
  • ‘Roasted Sweet Potato with Coriander Tahini’
  • ‘Roasted turmeric cauliflower’
  • ‘Fennel and Aubergine Curry’
  • ‘Asian Broccoli with Bok Choi’

The meal was the perfect portion size, left me feeling satisfied but not sluggish and most of all was very very tasty! 

Then came dessert (of course) and I shared a couple of cakes between me, Yas and our friend Gigi.  We ordered..
  • ‘Coffee MaE Cake’
  • ‘Fudge Brownie’ 

These were honestly the best healthy cakes I have ever tasted, usually I get raw cakes when eating fancy dessert but to be honest I find them so dense and they always leave me feeling sick after. It was so refreshing to have the option of a cook cake that was healthy as well, they were so lovely and light on the pallet. Perfect paired with coffee which is what we did! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.59.37 pm
Overall a great experience and a place I would defiantly recommend to a health foodie visiting London. Only thing I could say is it was a little over priced but thats London for ya haha! It was so surreal to be there! One of those “where it all began” moments. Dreams do come true lol!
THE WILD FOOD CAFE- Convent Garden 
This was recommended to me many times before and during my trip to London. I ventured there on my third day but sadly it was closed. My second last day I was hanging with my cousin as Yasmin was on a shoot and when we were deciding where to go to eat I remember I wanted to try this joint. Now let me tell you my cousin is in no way into health food, she's always willing to try something different but I was really worried about brining her here as the menu is vegan, gluten free and raw haha. She put a brave face on and said she would give it a go so off we went! We had to wait 40 minutes for a table as it was a Saturday, I'm not usually one with the patients to wait for a table but because I travelled all that way I didn't want to miss out. The area in which Wild Food Cafe is located is very nice so I just walked around and explored which made the time go by quickly. 

The interior is very small but very cute. The staff were so lovely! We ordered a dish each and a juice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.03.39 pm

We ordered..

‘Wabi-Sabi Kale Salad’ (Squash, sunflower seed sour cream, kimchi, chestnuts, activated tamari almonds, wild mushrooms, wakame)

This was what I ordered and I throughly enjoyed it! The portion size was not to my appetite and I did get a cheeky snack after but in terms of flavor and nutrients it defiantly hit the spot.

‘Quan Yin Bowl’ (Wild & black rice, asparagus, sweet potato, avocado, sprouting broccoli, pili nuts, kohlrabi slaw, grain mustard)

My cousin ordered this but of course I cleaned the plate. I had a little food envy when it came out and I think I would recommend this dish over mine just as it was more hearty and filling.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.03.29 pm

 Overall the staff were great, the taste was there and it defiantly gets my nutrients tick of approval. The only thing I will say is that the menu was a little small with very little options but overall a pleasant experience which is why it has made it to my top 3. 
March 1, 2017
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