Full body Fire workout!

Here two workouts to get your upper and lower body shaking! They are also able to be done anywhere and can easily be modified to a beginners, intermediate and advanced.  

This circuit is run on reps. Repeat circuit four times.

Exercise 1: Mountain climbers x50

Exercise 2: Alternating side plank x12 each side!

Exercise 3: Walk out with shoulder raises x12

Exercise 4: Leg extension hip raises x15

Exercise 5: Toe touches x20


Wanna make it harder?!


  • Add 100 fast skips in between each round.


  • Add 50 fast skips after each exercise.

This circuit runs on time. Stay ON the exercise for 35 seconds, with a 10 second rest in between sets. Complete 4 rounds of the circuit. 

Exercise 1: Lunges with elevated leg lifts (Left)

Exercise 2: Lunges with elevated leg lifts (Right) 

Exercise 3: Plank bum lifts 

Exercise 4: Squat kicks 

Exercise 5: Shuffles 

Exercise 6: Bum cat extensions (right) 

Exercise 7: Bum cat extensions (left)


Wanna make it harder?!


– Add 2 minutes of walking lunges in between rounds.


– Add 12 jumping lunges in between each exercise.

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  • Claudia May

    Hey Kath! I recently got back into exercise by following some of your workout plans. Just wanted to say how much fun they are and how much my legs and butt hurt this morning from yesterdays workout! Please keep posting them you’ve seriously gotten me back into loving working out!

    June 25, 2017

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