Why I choose second hand

My style was very interesting throughout my stages of teen hood to say the least. Some of you will die when you hear what 13 year old Kath went out in.


the thing I fell in love with was the thought of every piece having a story...
I look back on 13 year old Kath and cringe! I use to go out in black jeggings (remember those “jean” tights), an ‘Ed Hardy’ jacket and Ugg boots…and I thought it was cool! 

I then gravitated to more of a basic style. Just your average denim, plain jumpers and boots. I was pretty much just following the trends. It wasn't that bad, it was just really really boring with no personal touch.
Fashion was something that started taking my interest when I was about 16 years old.. To be honest, it was Instagram that started broadening of my horizons. I followed a couple of pages that really caught my eye in terms of creative direction and style inspiration. Back then it wasn't common for every second girl to have a billion followers with brands throwing clothes at them left right and centre. The people you admired within fashion and blogging were actually making it their own, not just following a trend or regurgitating what a brand had commissioned them to wear. 

The pages I admired were all about colour and patterns which really resonated with me and sparked my interest in fashion and style.
I started by saving up and venturing to either commercial 'pseudo vintage' brands (such as “american apparel”, “nasty gal” ect) or over-priced vintage stores. It was a start in the right direction but I was missing the point of 'vintage' and 'second hand'. It also broke the bank, especially given the pieces I usually go for are “statement” or brightly coloured pieces - and if you're anything like me and don’t enjoy an outfit repeat this is not ideal!

One weekend, I ventured to Glebe Markets for the first time (now I have a regular food stall there, funny how things pans out!) and remember finding these great pair of red and white striped ‘boyfriend’ jeans. I had fallen in love and then found out they were only $15! I snabbed  a few other cool things that day for really cheap prices. I realised that this was the way to go! It was a slow process. Real bargain shopping- especially for stylish things- takes a lot more time and effort compared to commercial shopping. But the thing I fell in love with was the thought that every piece had a story. That's the beautiful thing about second hand clothes, they have been passed down and lived in. You don’t know where that item of clothing has been, what it has 'seen' and lived through. It sounds silly but I see it as an art. 


For example the other day I bought a cute little dress from Vinnies and when I went to look at the tag it said it was hand made in Indonesia. This just made me think “who owned this and how did it get here?”.  On the flip side, I also love to donate my own clothes back to charity stores or sell them at the markets or on my ‘Depop’ (my account is ‘kathebbss’) after I have had my own fun in them.
Anyway, that's a quick summary on why I love vintage and how I got inspired to wear colours and bold patterns. Fashion is an art. People don’t seem to usually see it like this since it's such an every day thing - we all have to get dressed! But depending on the way you look at it/care for it I think it's a really interesting form of creativity and self expression. You can see a lot about a person through observing the way they dress and I think that is one of the coolest things ever. 
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  • haley

    you are so awesome and a huge role model to so many people!!! thank you for being you, and for doing it proudly <3

    January 5, 2017

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