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I love playing dress ups. Here's a little snippet of what I whipped up from this seasons Top shop collection. Don't be afraid to make things your own! My favourite thing to do is mix and match pieces that are 'trending' with something else more quirky. This way you get more of a unique look that has a touch of you in it.
Topman muscle tea. Girls don't get afraid to shop in the means section, I love buying over sized shirts and matching them with a baggy pant. Might I also point out, I am in love with these shoes. 
I loved the detail on these pants but wanted a baggy look. So I grabbed a couple of sizes too big for me and belted it up, creating a 'boyfriend' jean style. Matching it with a red crop singlet also brought out the pattern on the jeans more. 
Here I went for a minimal look with the basic blue jean and white "topman" tee. I then grab one of my own op shop coats to give it that edgy look whilst also adding a touch of my own flare to it.


Photography @dvnpt

All clothing @topshop_au

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  • Georgette Luca

    Kathhh! i often find myself settling on what to wear out just because my taste doesn’t suit the town i live in or what my friends think is acceptable! Where do you find the confidence and encouragment to wear some of the funky and outrageous things you do?

    October 31, 2016
  • H

    Hey Kath!
    I don’t have much access to any decent shops that offer the type of clothing or rangeof styles that i see throughtout this blog, i was wondering if you use any online shopping sites and if so it would be great to know x

    November 24, 2016

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