Creativity may lead to self discovery.

Time after time people forget about the most important relationship of all.. the one with themselves!

Time after time people forget about the most important relationship of all.. the one with themselves!

People constantly seek self validation through their friendships, partners and families. Although these are important parts of a fulfilling rich life, it is the relationship  which lies in the pit of your soul within that is the key to self discovery and growth. It is important to know who you are, the values which you hold true and the love which you choose to share. To have peace within yourself is being able to judge situations and relationships completely of your own accord and with self assurance.


People seem to think that in order to openly love yourself is to openly proclaim narcism….. there’s a huge difference. To think you are above anyone or superior to the next is a form of arrogance but to know, respect and love your body, mind and soul, will lead you to the complete opposite of this. If you know and love yourself you will understand we are all the in this together. No one is more/less of anyone else.. just simply different.

When you feel at ease with yourself you will also find healthier relationships and interactions with others in your life. You find your happiness will come from within and not from external things or people therefore anything else is a bonus not a need’ .  Here’s a simple example , how many times have you heard (or even thought yourself) “I just want a boyfriend/girlfriend and then I’ll be happy?  This common thought  is just one example of how the 21st century relies on these relationships for  self fulfilment and individual self confidence.  Relationships should be two separate people coming together SOMETIMES to compliment each other and form new experiences, memories and emotions. If you are relying on this to make you feel complete or one, chances are you are neglecting your own body that is crying out to be understood and loved. YOU must love yourself before anybody else can!


Now I understand that this rant may or may not make sense to you but now you may well ask.. “well Kath how the hell am I suppose to get to know myself “?!

It is harder said than done but with a bit of work, like all relationships, it can be achieved ! Finding different ways to let your body talk to you is completely up to personal preference but personally I think creativity is one of the best ways  to ignite the soul. Painting, writing, dancing, singing just to name a FEW! You do not have to be good at it either!!

Everyone seems to have the idea that in order to, for example “dance”, you have to be a bloody gold medalist ballerina.. hell no! Put on some music and see what your body does, if it moves freely it is your soul talking to you and connecting. Same goes for all the many MANY creative outlets.

Learning to connect with the creative fire within, may actually help us connect to our external relationships in a healthier, more fulfilling and long lasting way.   You will eventually see and eliminate the “real – ationships” and or activities that no longer add to your life in a positive way.

Learning to love and connect with yourself is a on going and challenging process. I am learning to except myself everyday. Some days I feel in touch and other days , completely separate from myself. We all doubt our ability, compare ourselves to others and believe we cannot stand alone but I promise you ,  with a bit of work  and practice , self love will become natural ,  not 100% of the time but for the most part!

The body is a smart and powerful tool that is begging to be explored. Get creative, get in touch and see what happens!


October 3, 2016
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  • Dayna

    absolutely loved this, so true!

    October 18, 2016
  • Norah Magner

    Beautifully written. I relate to so much of what you write. You’re so sparkly, washing your golden dust into the sky! I love seeing you dance your way to happiness within yourself! LOVE IT GIRL. Keep on shining.

    October 19, 2016
  • Erin

    Written so well. Strong, independent women we need to be then you can have a whole lot of fun with the rest of what life has to offer. Believe in ones self and nothing else matters!

    October 21, 2016
  • lola

    i loved this so much i had to give it a share on facebook. so many moments resonated with me but especially the part where you spoke about needing to love yourself before you love others. i often find myself thinking that once i own a certain outfit, or once i hang out with certain people etc. i’ll feel great as a person, and be the person i want to be. i then come to realise that in fact the person i want to be is who i already am, but i just need to grow and find myself. like you said, anything else is a bonus, not a need. thankyou for the wonderful read kath <3

    December 20, 2016
  • Ping

    This is very inspirational, thanks so much:)

    December 29, 2016
  • Joni

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    February 21, 2017

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